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TeamWork Employee Guide

About TeamWork

ScheduleSource TeamWork is an application that helps your company manage work in your organization. As an employee, you log in to the Employee portal and can always view your schedule, calendar, time entries, and attendance. In addition, you can configure your language, notifications, and other personal settings.

Common Uses

You can use the Employee portal to:

Getting Started

First, learn about Navigation. Then, click on the various sections and pages to learn what is available. You can refer back to this documentation to learn about each page and its capabilities.

Top Pages

  • Home - The home page shows a quick summary of "today" along with links to common sections.

  • Calendar - The calendar page shows shifts, leave, time entries and more in a month, week, day, or list format.


Your sections will depend upon the organization's setup. Here's brief descriptions of what you can find in each section.

  • Schedule - Your leave, shifts, total hours, and the swapboard.

  • Time - The time clock, time card, timesheets, and attendance points.

  • Organization - Company (or location) wide lists of Leave, Shifts, and Coworkers.

  • My Setup - Settings, preferences, and notifications.

  • Bidding - Shift and Leave bidding pages.

  • Events - Event/Task management pages.

  • Invoices - Invoice pages and reports.